Working Papers

The misapplication of the case study research design by emerging scholars: Where is the student support? (Under Development)

Biased research questions in qualitative dissertations (Under Development)

Identifying a poor interview guide: A primer for doctoral committees (Under Development)

Data Analysis using R (under development or completed)

Determining Sample Sizes using R

Discriminant Analysis using R

Homogeneity of Variances Analysis using R and R Commander

Logistic Regression using R

Reliability Analysis using R and R Commander

Testing for Normality using R and R Commander

Reliability Analysis of Survey Instruments using the psych package

Exploratory Factor Analysis using the base and psych packages

Confirmatory Factor Analysis using lavaan package

Correlation analysis using statistical tests and graphics

Analyzing multiple linear regression assumptions using R’s glvma package

Qualitative Data Analysis using the RQDA package and R v3.6.3

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